The The Just in CasePersonal Document Organizer System can be purchased as forms only or as a complete turn- key system:

  • Forms and Instructions only  (if you wish to use your own binder and other materials)  See below for purchasing information.
  • The Complete Turn-key Binder System (The Complete system utilizes a premium quality custom binder and top quality materials)  See below for purchasing information.

The Just in Case Personal Document Organizer Binder is both stylish and functional and includes only top quality materials:  

Avery® Framed View Binder with One Touch™ EZD® locking rings.
Easily identify your Just in Casebinder with the customized title page and spine ID.  Backmounted rings allow pages to lie flat. Locking EZD Ring holds up to 50% more than same size round rings.

Avery® Acid Free Clear Binder Pockets
Acid free and archival safe for maximum protection. Durable poly material resists tearing. Per the manufacturer, each pocket holds more than 70 pages.

    Avery® Style Edge™ Insertable Plastic Dividers
    Style Edge Insertable Plastic Dividers feature a distinctive tab design that makes for easy reference and also makes a statement.  The tabs have been customized for the Just in Case binder categories.  The translucent heavy duty plastic design adds durability to the eye-catching design.

    Over 100 pages of Forms and Instructions
    Available on CD, as both .doc and .rtf files, allowing the forms and documents to be opened with almost any word processing software or text editor.  This paperless format provides the convenience of storing information securely on your computer hard drive or portable media, and sending copies of the information to family, friends, and advisers. It also ensures the legibility of the entries.

    Value: PRICELESS!  The peace of mind of knowing that you have organized your important documents truly cannot be assigned a value!

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    For those who prefer to use your own binder materials, you may purchase the forms and instructions (over 100 pages) only Forms and instructions will be emailed as word documents to the email address on file with Paypal.  

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Just in Case
Forms and Instructions ONLY

    The Just in Case Organizer Binder System 
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    Please note that we only ship to the 48 Continental US States

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      Just in Case
      Organizer Binder System


      Financial and Legal Professionals:

      Quantity pricing is available for  purchases of five or more complete binder systems as unique client gifts. We can customize orders of 10 or more binders to include your company name and contact information.

      Please contact us for additional details and pricing.


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