The 3 Most Important Documents Every Parent Should Have for Their 18 Year Old Child

Did you know that once your child turns 18, your legal rights as a parent end?
Legally, you do not have the right to look at their grades or talk to their doctors if there is a medical issue.
"How can that be?" you say,  "If I’m paying their bills for college (or their health insurance), why shouldn’t I have the right to look at their records or speak to someone about them?" 

Well, the fact of the matter is, once a child turns 18, they legally become an adult and you, the parent, lose all rights.
So, what can you do?

You can make sure that your child signs a Durable Power of Attorney (which will allow you to deal with their finances, school records, etc.) and a Living Will and Health Care Surrogate Designation (which will allow you access to their medical records and the right to talk to their doctors) BEFORE they go away to college. Then make sure you supply their school and their treating physicians with copies of these documents so that, if there is an emergency, the right people have the documentation in place to know that they can legally talk to you.