Just in Case: A Complete Personal Information Organizing System

Just in Case is a Personal Document Organizer System which organizes ALL your essential documents - just in case an emergency or tragedy should strike. 

Developed by a CPA and CFP® financial planner, the Just in Case system was designed to help you organize all your essential information in one simple, easy to use format.
The Just in Case Personal Document Organizer Binder System serves as:
  • A guide and resource to help you gather your records and prepare important documents.
  • An organizer for you now; saving valuable time, especially in the event of an emergency.
  • An eventual road map for your loved ones or executors.

All in one place - Just in Case

Our lives are filled with paperwork and numbers: bank accounts and passwords, health and medical documents, property and insurance paperwork, investment and end of life documents.  
  • How quickly could you locate your important documents and information in case of an emergency?
  • Do you have to scramble to organize paperwork at tax time or when meeting with a new legal, financial or medical professional?
  • Would your loved ones know where to locate important information which they might need in case of your incapacitation?

Purchasing and completing the Just in Case Personal Document Organizer System may be the best investment of time and money that you ever make! While making a will and other estate planning strategies are very important steps to take, many people overlook the practical issue of organizing this information in a way that will help your family handle your affairs after your death. It isn't enough simply to sign a bunch of papers establishing an estate plan and other end-of-life instructions. You also have to make your heirs aware of them and organize your information and documents so that others can easily locate them.

Just in Case Personal Document Organizer System will inspire you to actually get down to work, organizing those things that you've promised yourself you'd get around to, "one day." Millions of dollars in life insurance policies, bank accounts and safe deposit boxes go unclaimed because heirs are unaware that those assets exist. Your executor can rely on this record to avoid leaving assets unclaimed. In addition, this information will reduce the lawyer's time and fees when settling your estate.

Many people assume that when they die, their family will know what specific actions to take. But under the stress of making difficult choices in an emotional situation, family members can disagree or feel guilty about making wrong last-minute decisions. How will your heirs know that they have taken care of all your personal affairs according to your wishes if you haven't written everything down? Your family will have peace of mind knowing that they are making the right decisions, strengthening their ability to cope with your death.

Just in Case Personal Document Organizer System is a practical and meaningful guide for all who desire to leave a clear legacy for their loved ones. In short, it is one of the most comprehensive, relevant estate planning tools available!

Purchase your Just in Case is a Personal Document Organizer System today!